Certificate III Painting and Decorating – CPC30611

This qualification provides a trade outcome in painting and decorating for residential and commercial construction work.

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The qualification has core unit of competency requirements that cover common skills for the construction industry, as well as two specialist fields of work.
CPCCCM1012A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work
CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication
CPCCCM1015A Carry out measurements and calculations
CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCCM2003B Calculate and cost construction work
CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights
CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

Painting and decorating preparation field of work
CPCCCM3001C Operate elevated work platforms
CPCCPB3026B Erect and maintain trestle and plank systems
CPCCPD2011A Handle painting and decorating materials
CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment
CPCCPD2013A Remove and replace doors and door and window components
CPCCPD3021A Prepare surfaces for painting

Painting and decorating operations field of work
CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
CPCCPD3022A Apply paint by brush and roller
CPCCPD3023A Apply texture coat paint finishes by brush, roller and spray
CPCCPD3024A Apply paint by spray
CPCCPD3025A Match specified paint colour
CPCCPD3026A Apply stains and clear timber finishes
CPCCPD3027A Apply wallpaper
CPCCPD3028A Apply decorative paint finishes
CPCCPD3031A Implement safe lead paint and asbestos work practices in the painting industry

Elective units

Specialist painting and decorating field of work
CPCCPD3029A Remove graffiti and apply protective coatings
CPCCPD3030B Apply protective paint coating systems
CPCCPD3032A Apply advanced wallpaper techniques
CPCCPD3033A Apply intumescent coatings
CPCCPD3034A Apply advanced decorative paint finishes
CPCCSP3003A Apply trowelled texture coat finishes

General electives
BSBSMB301A Investigate micro business opportunities
BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances
LMFGG2008B Glaze/re-glaze residential windows and doors